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Woman Wanderer: Nellie Bly, foreign correspondent

How many times have you been told you can’t do something because you’re a girl? I still remember taunts from schoolyard peers and sharp corrections from family members, reminders received (if not really understood) about what I should be like—of how I should behave.

I’m one of the lucky ones, of course, not having basic things denied from me based on my gender. And I know my list of memories shrinks compared to the harsh examples many others face.

Woman Wanderer: Sylvia Earle, ocean explorer

Love mermaids? Me, too. I remember getting a copy of The Little Mermaid one Easter—and the blur of re-watching its’ namesake Disney princess under grand, wild waters.

My seven-year-old self never knew a betrayal quite like when Ariel traded her fins for legs. Why would you give up the entire ocean for some boy? (For the record, that one still baffles me.)