What Do We Do Now?

A lot has been said about Trump's  win, and for awhile I decided I wasn't going to chip in. Wise, impassioned stuff—the kind of stuff that makes you nod while you read it—was everywhere, and I didn't know what to add, other than a "YES" in all caps under my brother's Facebook posts.

The One Unexpected Experience That Sums Up Beijing

I've said before that China, especially Beijing, feels like a crush of energy coming at you from all sides. It's life being thrown directly in your face: You see cars cut traffic by mounting the sidewalk, veering around vendor's carts full of fruits so different they don't have an english name. It's raw, messy, vibrant and beautiful. 

Why I Packed a Bag and Ran Away From Everything

Don't run from your problems. It's a maxim I (try) to live by, hardening my shoulders against the things life throws at me, And while walking the line between facing things head on and not being too direct lands me in the occasional stumble, it's a way of life that's almost always served me well.

Except, of course, for when it hasn't.

Vegan Strawberry Shortcake

How's your summer going?

Mine's been good, but not what I expected. See, while last summer saw me stopping around many points in Central America (an experience that was so life-changing I've yet to give it the full blogging treatment), this summer has been different. I'm sticking to familiar ground, re-aquainting myself with where I grew up and the new city I call home.