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Beautiful Berry 'Nice Cream'

Beautiful Berry 'Nice Cream'

Those of us who blog about food are a bit of an eccentric bunch: We ofteny have a million post-it notes of recipes in progress (guilty!) or spend way too much time sifting through social media for delicious inspiration. 

It also means that, whenever we have culinary success of any form, we must let all of Instagram know, stat.  So, a few days ago, when my typical breakfast came out particularly amazing-looking, I did what any recipe blogger worth her salt would do: I ran around the apartment to find the perfect lighting and then took far too many photos of my meal. Then, I made Instagram jealous of what was about to go in my belly.

When I posted the photo, my friend and fellow food blogger Tiffany (of Cookie Crumbs and Carrot Tops, which you can check out here) immediately commented I'd better share the recipe, so here we go!

I thought that maybe the nice cream thing had maybe been done to death, but messaging back and forth with Tiffany made me realize that sharing this recipe, one of my favourite breakfasts/snacks, would help anyone wanting to eat more fruit, try out a few vegan recipes, or just give you something yummy and guilt-free to munch on.

It's been almost a year since I discovered that frozen bananas can be blended to replicate soft-serve ice cream without a lick of dairy, and this news altered me like few other discoveries have. Yep, it's up there with long-wear lipstick and the french press on the list of things that have changed my life. 

Let's get blending!


Beautiful Berry Nice Cream

You'll need:

-3 frozen bananas

-2 cups frozen mixed berries

-1/2 cup plain, unsweetened almond milk (or milk of choice)

-Handful of baby spinach or kale (optional)

-1 tbsp chia seeds

-1-2 tbsp hemp hearts 

What you do:

-Break up the bananas into small chunks and place in food processor- the stronger your food processor is, the bigger chunks it can handle. I make mine about the width of 2 fingers so it doesn't take ages to blend. Then add spinach, chia seeds and hemp hearts.

-Add berries and almond milk.

-Blend on highest setting, stopping when needed to scrape down sides of the processor. You might also need to use a soft spatula to break apart any big globs to make it easier for the food processor to give you the smoothest result possible. 

-Once combined, transfer to bowl and enjoy! Try topped with nuts, chocolate, coconut, blackstrap molasses, honey or fresh fruit!

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