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Three Fashion Lessons Learned From Fairy Tales

Three Fashion Lessons Learned From Fairy Tales

When I think of January in my hometown, a vivid and beautiful image comes to mind. There’s frost on the windows, drawing patterns that look like lace. There’s snow everywhere, glittering like sequins. The gorgeous snowscapes turn the slightest shade of blush at dawn, reflecting the sky. 

I’ll never understand people who hate winter! The visuals are stunning if you take the time to look, like the earth is draped in a perfect white dress.

Thinking about this, I always end up feeling like January has a lot of magic hiding in it.

Perhaps that’s why these days have found me rolled up in a warm duvet, looking at formal gowns and watching fairy tale films. I mean, what other two things have more magic (besides a January sunrise)?

My spiralling pintrest addiction shows that these two interests have bridged in my brain, making me think a lot about the role of fashion in fairy tales.  I hadn't really considered it that much before, but style plays a starring role in many of the stories of my childhood, and I bet they do in yours, too. 

And, when it comes time to create our own fairy tales (be it a wedding or professional award), our choice in outfit is often reflective of our childhood story time favourites. I mean, am I the only one who likes picking outfits to wear to galas and red carpet events even though it doesn't mirror my real life? Ok, maybe. But either way, it's fun to daydream about!

With all this in mind, I’ve partnered with Linvina Bridal, a company that’ll create a custom formal gown for any fairy tale you have in mind, to talk about the fashion lessons these childhood stories taught us. 

I mean, it's always been as much about the dress as it has been about the prince, right?


 The lower part of the skirt is detachable, so you can show off your killer shoe game!! [Image via Linvina Bridal]

The lower part of the skirt is detachable, so you can show off your killer shoe game!! [Image via Linvina Bridal]


We all know shoes are an important part of our outfits, but in fairy tales they are more than just a standout accessory. They often alter the whole course of the story.

Exhibit A: Dorothy was able to escape Oz because of a pair of statement ruby red slippers. Sneakers fit to outrun the wicked witch wouldn't have worked as well, you know?

Need further proof that shoes matter? Cinderella would've never met her prince without losing her glass slipper.  And, just when you feel we're getting too superficial, consider this: A dainty, fragile shoe that withstands everything and that literally reflects light? What at first seems like a simple way to reunite lovers ends up standing on a slim heel as a symbol for the woman herself. Wow.



 Off to explore an enchanted forest with a lace train trailing behind her... [Image via Linvina Bridal]

Off to explore an enchanted forest with a lace train trailing behind her... [Image via Linvina Bridal]


In daily life, we often find ourselves choosing form over function, opting for basic pieces and not letting ourselves wear silly, sequinned or frilly items nearly enough. This is just not the fairy tale way, and something I resolve to change in my life.

After all, Alice decides to go down a rabbit hole in a dress and heels. While not exactly the best exploring clothes, she makes it work, proving whimsy should be part of our lives and our wardrobe. 

The Little Mermaid's accessories of choice include a shell bra and a fork. Useful? Not really. Totally whimsical? You bet. And that sense of fun is what landed her the life she wanted, from a special prince to the bravery to stand up to her tyrannical sea king father.  

Am I the only one considering packing a fork in her purse for luck??


[Right: Poufy-skirted ballgown from Linvina Bridal.]

At some point in most fairy tales, the leading lady dons a dress that's fuller than a french pastry, with tiers of frills that make little girls swoon and fall over their dress up trunks. If, as many suggest, we ought to dress for the job we want and not the one we have, aspiring tiara-wearers better start adding some pouf to their look!

I mean, we knew Belle was going to be treated like the princess she is when her dress began to resemble a golden wedding cake, right? It is a visual symbol of what is in store for her!

Even newer fairy tales, like Disney's The Princess and The Frog, know a full skirt on an evening gown is the perfect wardrobe cue a happy ending is on it's way. 

In a world full of uncertainty, it's nice to know that a flouncy gown equals happily ever after.

And so, with the frost settling in, I'm about to watch as many fairy tale films as Netflix has. I’ll be in a fluffy robe rather than a gown, but that’s ok. Until my own midnight ball I’ll satisfy myself by stalking the perfect dress online- particularly on Linvina Bridal’s pintrest and instagram

Obsessed? A little. But, here’s the real question: Do you think a tiara would clash with my robe?!



Photos provided by Linvina Bridal, but all writing and opinions are my own.

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